Greater Boston Community Burns Supper - 2017

The Boston Serious Burns Unit is pleased to present our eighth annual:

Greater Boston Community Burns Supper

Songs, Poems, Tales, & Toasts to Honor the Bard of Scotland

DATE: Tuesday, Jan 24, 2017

TIME: 6:00-10:00 PM


Once Somerville

in the ballroom

156 Highland Ave, Somerville MA 02143

(at the corner of Central St and Highland Ave)


Robert Burns statue in Boston

Traditional Scottish meal • Toasts with Scotch whisky

Recitation of works by, about, & in the spirit of Burns

Highland dress or formal attire encouraged but not required.

Menu options provided by Once Somerville.

Haggis provided by the Boston Serious Burns Unit.

Entertainment provided by all of you!


Estimated to start at roughly 9 PM


Estimated to start at roughly 9 PM


Jeff Keller 617-840-5123 Lynn Noel 978-985-2707 Jeremy Kessler 617-718-9623

(25 January 1759 – 21 July 1796)


Advance registration is required for the formal supper!

Register by completing the form at

Each attendee must complete the form separately, i.e., only one attendee per registration form.

You will receive an email confirmation following a successful registration.

Those coming only for the post-meal open sing need not register.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend?

We don't charge admission for the supper; you pay only for the food and drink that you order from Once Somerville.

  • Plan to pay Once Somerville staff directly upon arrival.
  • NOTE: The sooner everyone has checked in and paid, the sooner we can begin!
  • Please remember to tip Once Somerville staff when paying for your food and drink, tipping as you would for any large party dinner out.
  • We shall pass the hat at the end of the evening, but this is to cover our special expenses, such as paying for the piper and the haggis. It is *not* meant to substitute for normal tipping.

What's a Burns Supper?

"Every Burns Supper has its own special form and flavour, though there are probably more similarities than differences among these gastro-literary affairs. Individual tastes and talents will determine the character of your Burns Supper. Some celebrants may contribute the composition of original songs or poems; some may excel at giving toasts or reciting verse; while others may be captivating storytellers. A particular group of celebrants will, over time, develop a unique group character which will distinguish their Burns Supper celebration from every other."

How Is This Burns Supper Different from All Other Burns Suppers?

The Greater Boston Community Burns Supper, held every January since 2010, has matured over the years, and boasts its own unique character. While some might argue with our use of the word "matured", it can hardly be denied that our supper is different:

  • It is organized and presented by the community, for the community.
  • There is no cover and no prix fixe, attendees pay only for their own food and drink (please remember to tip).
  • There is a vegetarian entree option.
  • It features the world's only (to our knowledge) "kosher haggis", complete with its very own "Address to the Kishke".
  • A Burns-themed pub sing follows the formal supper.